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Heibei Jupufeng Fertilizer Co., Ltd. is a fertilizer enterprise with proprietary intellectual property rights which integrates the research and development, manufacturing and sale of new-type fertilizer as well as new technology promotion.The company has full automatic slow (controlled) release fertilizer manufacturing equipment, two sets of 150,000 ton production line for annual output and a set of controlled release BB fertilizer with annual output 300,000 tons. The company has become the largest slow(controlled) release fertilizer’s raw material provider in China.

The resin-coated urea manufactured by our company is adopted with the world leading solvent-free ultrathin polyurethane resin coated technology;  the macromolecule resin extracted from plant is served as film-forming material and has passed throughthetesting in authority by National Fertilizer Test Center (Shanghai), National Institute of Occupational Health and Poison Control ofChinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (acute oral poison test) , Hebei Province Institution of Supervision and Inspection  Product Quality (heavy metal testing) and National Plastic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center ( complete degradation), the  technical indexes are superior to slow (controlled) release fertilizer national standard and controlled release fertilizer industrial standard.

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National Service Hotline:400 -6031- 728    Address:Sangxin Road, Wuqiao County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China
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